Consistency Is Key Especially In Marketing

Consistency Is Key Especially In Marketing

Be Consistent

One of the biggest problems I see with small business owners is the lack of consistency in marketing.  And there are many reasons for this including:

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of financial resources
  • Incorrect expectations on timeframe and results
  • Lack of systems

Lack of Time – Business owners are often playing many different roles and wearing many different hats.  And one of those roles usually is marketing.  So when they get busy with new clients or work, marketing often gets shoved to the side.

Lack of Financial Resources – As small businesses, we are always on a fairly tight budget.  And it is sometimes hard to continue to be consistent with our marketing efforts. But it is absolutely necessary.  So that means you may have to do more leg work.  But you have to be consistent and have to continue to fund your marketing.

Incorrect Expectations – I see this all the time.  Business owners invest in a marketing strategy and give up too soon.  They don’t understand the amount of times, the amount of exposure and the need for consistency to get the results they want.  They worry they are just blowing dollars that could be spent elsewhere.  So what do they do?  They spend money here and there and are never consistent. Instead of a steady, consistent message, they bounce around chasing the promises of different ad companies.

Lack of Systems – Marketing and especially follow up requires systems to be in place to get the most out of time and money.  But taking the time to develop the systems needed is hard especially for a small business owner.  But this is important.  Create the follow up systems FIRST then start your marketing campaign.  For information about creating your own follow up system including a free ebook, go to

If you need help putting together a strategy or just want to ask questions about what makes sense for your market, set up a free 30 minute phone consultation by going HERE!

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