How to Attract Your Tribe!

How to Attract Your Tribe!

Attract Your Ideal Client and Create Your Tribe!

So who is your ideal client?

If you could clone one of your clients (a client that you give a ton of value to, you love working with, and they are very profitable for your business), who are they?  What do they look like?

Specific question, right?  So why do so many people forget to focus their energy and just try to get everyone?  Why do they say ‘well I can help anyone’?

YOU DON’T WANT EVERYONE.  AND EVERYONE DOESN’T WANT YOU. You can’t handle the volume.  And even if you could, it doesn’t make sense.

You want to attract the people that you can provide the most value to and are most beneficial to you.

Attract Your Tribe

So how do you attract your tribe? How do you get the people that are perfect for your business? How do you get in front of and stay in front of those people? How do you bring them to you?

Well, I unfortunately have to say a buzz word for this (If you know me, you know I hate buzzwords  — if I heard ‘bubble it up’ or ‘bandwidth’ or ‘that’s my ask’ one more time in Corporate America I could have burned a building down).  You need to be your authentic self.  I hate buzz words, but I do love the premise behind this buzz word.  When you show your true colors and show people what you are about, you will attract your tribe.

WARNING:  If you are negative, you will attract a negative audience.


So What Do You Need To Do to Attract Your Tribe?

You attract your tribe by:
* speaking their language
* being in the same place (either online or offline)
* helping them solve a problem

You need to speak their language. And if you know them well, you know what that language is.
You need to be in the right place. Are they on Facebook, LinkedIn, BeBee, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter? Are they at the local Chamber meeting, at an industry meeting, or involved in the Rotary? You need to be able to get in front of them (so you need to be where they are).
You need to solve a problem. You need to help them in some way. And (again), if you know them, you know what problems they are facing. Ask a question and help them answer it.

Once You Attract Your Tribe, Stay in Front of Them!

Once you have attracted your tribe, you will want to stay in front of them. How do you do this? You connect with them on different social media platforms, online, email, regular mail, phone and more.

If you are in the same area, invite them to events. Develop, build and nurture your community and tribe.

Host a seminar, open house, workshop or general networking event.  Connect your tribe together.  Help them get business.  Help them thrive.  Help them in whatever way possible.

Provide Value

So, if you are being your authentic self, you are attracting your tribe. And you should know what this tribe wants! You should know their concerns, problems and interests.
You provide value by giving your tribe what they want and need.

You give value by answering questions, solving problems, and providing helpful information that means something to your tribe!

You provide value by HELPING your tribe!

Need help determining your tribe (or ideal client)?  Schedule a consultation!

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