Is Your Subject Line Any Good?

Is Your Subject Line Any Good?


How do you create a winning subject line?

The subject line is arguably the BEST way to increase open rate and engagement with your email subscribers. So how do you improve your subject line?

Check out these free tools to improve your subject line:


These are all websites that will grade your subject line on a variety of criteria. Each one provides something that’s a little different, so it may make sense to check out all of them.

Email Subject Line Grader >>

Coschedule >>

Subject >>



Do you want to know how your email will appear on different mobile devices? This website shows you how your name, email address, subject and pretext will appear on iPhones, Androids, etc.

Zurb >>



How easy is your subject line or copy to read? Ideally, you are going for a grade 9.

Hemingway App >>



This website will check to see if your email will trigger a SPAM filter. When you go to the site, it shows you an email address for you to send your email to.

Is Not Spam >>


These tools will help you improve your email subject lines and email copy. HOWEVER, the most important thing you can do to improve your email is ALWAYS to TEST, TEST, TEST! 🙂

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