Marketo’s Opportunity Influence Analyzer

Marketo’s Opportunity Influence Analyzer

What is the Opportunity Influence Analyzer in Marketo?

One of my favorite reporting tools in Marketo is the Opportunity Influence Analyzer. This amazingly cool analytics tool allows you show interactions of people associated with an account that has opportunities.

This tool allows you to tell the story of an opportunity.

How Do I Create an Opportunity Influence Analyzer report?

The Opportunity Influence Analyzer is in the Analytics section of Marketo.

Go to Opportunity Influence Analyzer. You will then need to put in the account name. For me, I usually have to try a few times to make sure I have the right account (because many of my accounts have similar names). Once you pick the account, you can then pick the specific opportunity.

Once the opportunity is chosen, the people associated with the account are available on your right side. Each person will have a number beside their name. That’s the number of touchpoints that are associated with them.

I typically pick everyone that has a touchpoint so I can see the big picture.

You will notice that some of the red dots are bigger than others. The bigger the dot, the more activities or touchpoints. For example, let’s say one day you had multiple emails go out. Every person that engages with the email gets noted. So you may have multiple emails and/or multiple people receiving each email.

The green check mark denotes ‘success’ in the program. This correlates with the success defined for each channel.

So How Do I Use the Opportunity Analyzer?

I use the Opportunity Influence Analyzer in Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) and other high level reporting. It’s great to use to higher level individuals that want to understand how marketing influences opportunities.

Want to add in other activities that occur outside of Marketo? I do this by grabbing a screenshot of the graph created in Opportunity Influence Analyzer. I add the screenshot as well as text boxes (to call out each of the dots or the key dots) to Powerpoint or Slides. I then add in other touchpoints by other areas such as Sales (Salesforce activities, Outreach activities, Zoom calls, etc.). This gives me a big picture of what’s going on in all areas.

Go share the story of your key opportunities with this helpful tool!

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