Holy $#!+ — Soul Cycle NAILS the Customer Experience!

Holy $#!+ — Soul Cycle NAILS the Customer Experience!

Have you been to Soul Cycle?

I recently attended my very first Soul Cycle session. As a marketer, I was floored by the perfect design of the customer experience from beginning to end.

How It Started:

A friend suggested I come to a Soul Cycle class. She pointed me to the website. The customer experience began with this easy-to-navigate and easy-to-use website. I was able to create an account, buy a class and book my bike in advance quickly and easily. They minimized friction at every point.

Soul Cycle then sends me onboarding emails that explain what the process will be and what I need to bring.

It starts with the welcome (after you create your account):

Then after you purchase, you get your receipt. Note the look and feel of the email.

Then you are notified that you’re in (i.e. you have a bike reserved). In the email, it says to let the front desk know you’re new so they can help you find and set up your bike.

The next email tells you your first ride is tomorrow.

Knowing that starting something new can be nerve-wracking, Soul Cycle gives you the low-down on some things to remember. They decrease buyer’s remorse and encourage participation by reminding you how great the instructor is and how fun the vibe will be.

When you arrive, you have people all around. You check-in at the front desk. If you are a newbie (like I was), they have you marked. They give special attention to first-timers. I had a locker with my name on it. As soon as I changed into my shoes, someone was waiting to take me to my bike. They made sure I had the right weights, that my bike was exactly set for me (literally adjusted my bike for me).

After the class was over, they asked me how it went (no sales push or pressure — just a real question on how the ride went).

After I completed the class (which kicked my @ss), I received this email. It celebrates me and reinforces this behavior. I love the imagery and simple call to action.

I then get an email for a special package price. Again, celebrating that I CRUSHED it (obviously they did not watch me in class 😉 ).

For Labor Day, I received another email for package pricing.

All the emails incorporate their fresh, clean, energetic and happy brand. All the emails have simple calls to action.

Soul Cycle has a beautiful online and offline customer experience.  Other brands…take note!

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