Bait the Hook Correctly To Catch That Fish!

Bait the Hook Correctly To Catch That Fish!

If you go fishing you know that you have to use the right bait to catch specific fish.  Lures are so specific they focus on size, type, speed, color and even scent.

While many people refer to sales as a hunter or a planter, I see the beautiful combination of marketing and sales to be more like fishing.

So often I see people that are trying to catch a fish with lasagna (if that fish were me, it would work).  Salespeople often figure out what they like and what is important to them to communicate, and they blast that message.  Instead, what they really need to figure out is WHAT THE PROSPECT wants.

Some questions you should ask before creating your marketing and sales message:

  1. Who is it that I want to attract?
  2. What is most important to this person?
  3. What language does this person use?
  4. What are the biggest concerns / issues facing this person right now?
  5. What does this person look like?
  6. Where does this person go (both offline and online)?

Once you have this information, you can create the best bait!


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