Stop Blaming Millennials for Everything

Stop Blaming Millennials for Everything

I am a Generation Xer.  I remember hearing all about my generation (and the gross generalizations) when I started in the workplace.  I remember thinking “If they think I’m exactly like the person to the left and right of me, they are idiots.”

Now all we hear these days are:

Millennials are lazy.
Millennials don’t want to work.
Millennials are entitled.
Millennials don’t understand how the world works.

Good grief, give it up!  Making such crazy generalizations is…well…crazy.

Every time a new generation enters the workforce, we have the “judgey” (yes I know it’s not a word and YES I still want to use it) earlier generations make claims.  Have you ever heard people say young people are lazy, entitled or don’t do the work?  EVERY.  FLIPPIN. GENERATION.

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Don’t get me wrong though, I love the funny memes about Millennials.  I laugh at the crazy man buns.  And I may chuckle at some of the fashion trends.  But who am I to laugh?  I can’t even match my clothes.  But that’s neither here nor there.

Do I think there are some cry babies that were coddled and have no idea how to put in the work?  Of course.  But guess what?  They are in every generation.

We miss out on people’s skills, knowledge and innovation when we segment and name call.

And why are we offended when someone comes along and questions everything?  What if their questioning allows us to change our mindset and do things faster?  And stretches us to do more?

We need to be able to pull the knowledge and experience of each group (Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, Millennials), capitalize on the synergy and different perspectives, and really excel.  We need to encourage each other to question the status quo and innovate and improve!


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