Marketing For Small Business

Marketing For Small Business

At JustSmallBiz Tampa, I work with small businesses to help them create and implement a marketing plan that gets and keeps profitable clients!

Have you ever noticed that a radio ad person tells you radio is the answer?  And a print ad person tells you it’s print?  And social media specialists, web designers, online marketers, etc all say there’s is the best choice?


We take a different approach to marketing.  We do NOT prescribe before we diagnose.  Our first step in working with clients is creating an in depth marketing plan that gathers data and analyzes the company, the product/service, the industry, competitors, ideal client and so much more.

Once we complete the marketing plan, we help our clients implement with the best possible sources.  We do not have 1 solution that we force upon every business.  We see exactly what each client needs, and provide it.  We bring in other companies as needed to ensure our clients get the best of everything.

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