Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Business is great. I absolutely love it! And being a good business person it’s very important to me to be involved in my community.

I am involved in a few organizations that I have had the privilege of being involved.


I Support Local Business (ISLB)

ISLB is a non-profit group designed to help promote and encourage local business. We provide direct support, mentoring, education, and networking for local business.

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement provides in class education on entrepreneurship and financial literacy. I personally benefitted from Junior Achievement when I was in high school. JA made the lessons I learned in Economics come to life. I have taught JA at several different levels, but the past few years has mostly been at the elementary education level.

Back 2 Basics

Back 2 Basics is a business networking group that helps foster strong business AND community relationships. Back 2 Basics uses education, business networking, community service events, and presentations to help make our businesses and our communities better.


RGA is also a business networking group based in Hillsborough county. This group works to promote businesses in this area.

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