Marketing & Sales Tools (and Freebies)

Marketing & Sales Tools (and Freebies)

Marketing is a BEAUTIFUL PUZZLE that we get to put together. And when you are finished, all the pieces need to be included (and actually fit together).

Marketing goes hand and hand with sales. And it’s important that businesses take a strategic and tactical look at this process. Below are a few pieces to this puzzle that might help you.

I have owned different businesses, have worked in staffing for over 9 years, and can personally attest to the craziness of human resources and people management.


Are you a sales professional?  Then why the heck are you setting your own appointments?  If you should be making $50-$100 per hour, why do a job that is a $10 per hour job?  We can help connect you with local, appointment setting professionals!

I have a group of appointment setting gurus that are ready and willing to get you in front of the prospects you need.  Whether it’s B2B or B2C, we have the right people for you!


You have probably heard this a million times.  But all businesses need to build a list.  And data capture pages (landing pages that capture name, email and sometimes phone numbers) are essential in helping you build a list.  And then being able to continue to communicate to that list is crucial.  I strong recommend AWEBER for data capture and email marketing.  I have personally used Aweber and can strongly recommend their products.  To get started with your new Aweber account, click HERE!

It’s a given that you need to have a website these days.  And you need to buy your domain name (name of your website), and host the website.  My personal favorite because of the OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE is GoDaddy.  Check out GoDaddy for buying domains and hosting.  They even have easy to build websites that make putting together a website in a day easy.  Click HERE to go to GoDaddy!


Need to make MASSIVE ACTION?  If you are trying to do all of the cold calls yourself, you are not making it to the ‘MASSIVE’ stage.  I strongly suggest using a flyer delivery service.


Sooo, back to that MASSIVE ACTION…  Email blasts are a great way to get in front of a ton of people.  If you combine this MASSIVE email blast with the online tools (above), you can create a very targeted list of people that are looking for exactly what you have.  I use a local vendor for this as well.


I love freebies especially when it comes to technie tools / toys! :)

This is a very cool tool that allows you to add a great email signature.  This signature can have links to your social media profiles and it even allows recipients the ability to text your cell phone from the computer (and without you giving them your cell number).

This has a free version and a paid version . This allows you a few different features (depending on what level you want).  I love the form because it’s an easy way to get me quickly.  It also has an appointment setting and calendar program (all very cool).

Get More Clients with Proactive Contact Form


SlideShare allows you to create a presentation and post it.  I’ve used this with Powerpoint presentations that I wanted to add to either social sites or websites.

Social Sites
Most social sites are free.  A few I would recommend include Facebook (fan page), LinkedIn, Pinterest/Instagram (esp if your product is one that benefits from ‘showing’), Twitter, SlideShare and YouTube.  There are many more (and seem to increase daily).  It’s important to determine your target market to determine which one would benefit you most.

Are you a Twitter user?  This free dashboard allows you to manage your Twitter more effectively.  Because, as you know, you have to participate and engage in order to be effective on social media.  TweetDeck allows you to do that.


Need to schedule your posts so you don’t have to be on social media all day?  Need a platform you can use to organize all of your social media accounts into one?  HootSuite offers a free package (and paid ones) to help you effectively manage your social media.

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